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Credit Report

Credit Reports

Nationwide Tenant Screening’s credit report service provides landlords and property managers with valuable insights into a tenant’s financial history. Our comprehensive credit reports include credit scores, payment history, outstanding debts, and delinquencies, enabling informed decision-making. With accurate and up-to-date credit information, you can assess an applicant’s financial responsibility and determine their ability to fulfill rental obligations. Our credit report service aims to simplify the tenant screening process and help you select reliable and trustworthy tenants for your properties.

Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Checks

With Nationwide Tenant Screening’s Criminal Background Checks service, landlords and property managers can gain crucial information about a prospective tenant’s criminal history. Our comprehensive checks cover local, state, and national databases to uncover any convictions, arrests, or criminal records. By obtaining this vital information, you can make well-informed decisions about tenant suitability and ensure the safety and security of your property and other tenants. Our efficient and thorough Criminal Background Checks service assists you in identifying any red flags and mitigating potential risks, allowing you to create a secure and peaceful rental environment.

Eviction Check

Eviction Checks

Nationwide Tenant Screening’s Eviction Check service offers landlords and property managers a reliable way to assess a prospective tenant’s eviction history. Our service thoroughly examines eviction records from various sources, including court databases, to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information. By utilizing this service, you can identify any previous instances of eviction and make informed decisions regarding tenant selection. This helps mitigate the risk of renting to tenants with a history of eviction, protecting your property and ensuring a smooth rental experience. Our Eviction Check service streamlines the screening process and empowers you to make well-informed decisions for your rental properties.

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Nationwide Tenant Screening offers a collection service to help landlords recover unpaid rent and damages efficiently. Our experienced team works to resolve outstanding debts, ensuring a smoother rental experience for landlords.

Social Security Trace

With Nationwide Tenant Screening's Social Security Trace, landlords can verify an applicant's identity and uncover any alias names associated with their social security number, enhancing the screening process.

Canadian Credit Report

Nationwide Tenant Screening provides Canadian Credit Reports to assist landlords and property managers in evaluating potential tenants' financial history, payment behavior, and creditworthiness in Canada.

Business Credit Report

Nationwide Tenant Screening offers Business Credit Reports, providing landlords and property managers with valuable insights into the financial health and creditworthiness of business entities. Make informed decisions with confidence.

Employment Report

Our Employment Report delivers vital information to landlords and property managers about a tenant's employment history, income verification, and employment status, aiding in responsible tenant selection and decision-making.


TeleCheck, offered by Nationwide Tenant Screening, allows landlords and property managers to verify a tenant's check-writing history, ensuring more secure and reliable transactions while reducing the risk of bounced checks.

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We recognize the utmost importance of conducting thorough tenant screenings…

With our cutting-edge tenant screening solution, rest assured that you’ll receive accurate and comprehensive information, enabling you to place highly qualified tenants and low-risk renters in your valuable rental property. Our top-notch tenant screening service empowers you to make informed decisions, mitigating the risk of bad debt and ensuring consistent occupancy rates.

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  • Swift and Convenient – Obtain an Instant, Easy-to-Read Report on Credit, Eviction, and Criminal History, Eliminating the Risk of Delay and Potential Loss of Prospective Tenants.
  • Simplified Process – Choose from Two Convenient Screening Options: Effortlessly Screen Online or via Fax.
  • Cost-Effective – Begin Screening with Budget-Friendly Options: Get a Comprehensive Credit Report with Score and Eviction History, Starting at Just $16.95 per Applicant, or Opt for a Basic Credit Report with Score for Only $9.95.
  • Exceptional Service – Experience our Dedicated “Instant Personal” Support Center, Always at Your Service.

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